first_imgThe fate of RSS seems to rest largely in the hands of the companies who provide the most popular software and services for browsing and being productive on the web. Firefox 4 intends to drop the RSS icon completely (but you can get it back), and now Google has replaced the Reader link found at the top of Gmail with a link to its Photos service Picasa instead.While Google may have decided this was a good idea, user have not and responded angrily in the Gmail Help forum:I used to get to Google Reader by clicking the Reader link at the top of the gmail page, I think it has been replaced with a link for Photos. I have this same problem! Super frustrating. It’s the first option under “more,” but I don’t like having to go to the drop down menu each time for it. The same upset is being heard across the Twitterverse with some rightly pointing out that a Photos link doesn’t really belong on a productivity tool like Gmail that so many use for business tasks:There is a simple fix for this issue, and it’s one we are surprised Google hasn’t thought to implement. Once you are logged in to your Google account allow a user the option to customize what links are displayed at the top of the page. Then no one can complain as it’s up to them what they see.For the time being, those looking for the Reader link will find it as the first option on the “more” drop-down menu.Read more at TechCrunchlast_img

Gmail users angry as Google replaces Reader link with Photos

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