first_imgMost people thought it was a joke when Steve Jobs stood on stage and claimed that the latest version of the iPod Nano was so small it could be worn as a watch or some other kind of clipped-on fashion accessory, but as soon as the keynote ended, a number of companies appeared with watch band designs meant to attach to the new iPod Nano. Now the Hex Watch Band is the latest fashion accessory designed to let you slide your iPod Nano in or out of the band and wear it on your wrist when not in use. The Hex Watch Band has built-in soft-buttons around the band so you don’t lose the ability to control your Nano while you’re wearing it, and allows you to open or cover the audio port when you want to listen to music. The watch band is essentially a silicone strap with an adjustable closure, and it’s available in nine different colors. If you want one, they’ll set you back $29.95 retail each, and they’re available now at Hex’s Web site.last_img

The Hex Watch Band Lets You Wear Your iPod Nano

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