Rabat – King Mohammed VI’s decision to lay off ministers and high-level officials is “a lesson to be learned,” said El Othmani during a parliamentary session on Thursday.Commenting on the King’s unprecedented move to sack officials from their positions due to “dysfunction” in the Al Hoceima development project, the Head of the Government prompted members of the government to renew the commitment and set the development projects in motion.“All ministers are to renew their commitments and carry out their responsibilities to ensure the implementation of the governmental slogan: Listening and Achieving.” For the effective implementation of projects, stakeholders must base their decisions on “a good pre-study, the adoption of an effective program, and fixed dates,” said El Othmani.Stakeholders must also have a clear definition of responsibilities before signing any agreement or project, stated the Head of Government, adding that it is necessary to provide the required human and material resources, and to ensure the mechanisms of good governance for the management of projects are successful.Further, Othmani stressed that stakeholders must conduct visits in accordance with clear programs guidelines and “listen to citizens to know the reality on the status of projects.”For El Othmani, the King’s reaction to the dysfunctions in Al Hoceima’s projects “has given us more enthusiasm to raise the level of work, increase our efforts and continue working to meet the aspirations of the King and the Moroccan people for our country.”On October 24, King Mohammed VI received the first president of the Court of Auditors, Driss Jettou, who presented a report on Al Hoceima projects in Rabat.The King said he was “disappointed in the performance of the respective ministries and would never again entrust them with any public missions.”

King Mohammed VI Sacking Ministers is a Good Lesson El Othmani
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