Rabat – Government spokesman Moustapha El Khalfi said during a press conference today that though the constitution grants the right to demonstrate, the July 20 march has “no authorization from the government, there is rather a ban.”El Khalfi during a press conference following the end of the government council meeting held Thursday in Rabat that “the right to demonstrate is constitutionally guaranteed and practiced within the framework of the law,” but that “the July 20 march in Al Hoceima is prohibited by the state,” without indicating why.“The government bears full political responsibility for this ban,” said El Khalfi. “We [the government] are concerned with ensuring stability in the country.” The government spokesperson said that the government considers the demands of the Rif to be legitimate. He indicated that the state is working on speeding up the development projects in the region, as instructed by King Mohammed VI.El Khalfi saidthat the government is experiencing difficulties in the management of Al Hoceima projects, explaining that “tourism is at stake,” but he insisted that there should be “a collective awareness to  provide a calm atmosphere.”The spokesman added that “there is a response to the legitimate demands of the Rif, and that state is keen to move towards pacifism,” giving as an example thatthe number of public forces in the city has been“reduced.”“The time has come to take firm positions guaranteed by law,” he said, concluding that the freedom to demonstrate has become “part of Moroccan life.”

El Khalfi The Govt Takes Full Political Responsibility For July
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