first_imgGurugram: There are 1.5 lakh cases that are pending in Gurugram district courts. Most of the cases are petty offences of traffic violations, cheque bounce and property disputes.The recent revelation came in the view of Lok Adalat that will be organised on Saturday, July 13. Taking cognisance of the present state of affairs the district sessions judge RS Sondhi highlighted the importance of such sessions to be held on regular affairs. Judges have raised their concern that how the delay in dealing with smaller cases is amounting to bigger cases taking more time. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsThere are cases in the court that have prolonged for five to ten years without any clarity of where the case is being headed. Top lawyers and certain judges at the courts however have also stated that there are various challenges that are increasing the number of cases on a daily basis. For long there is a demand for increasing the number of judges that are still less as compared to the number of cases being heard. According to sources, a district court judge on an average hears more than three to four cases in a day. What is adding to more difficulties is a large number of cases associated with juvenile crimes being transferred from juvenile justice board to district courts. Besides setting up the Special court there are also other initiatives that are being planned to reduce the number of cases at the city local courts. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderWith a large number of legal cases coming from rural areas of Gurugram, there are also plans to form village courts across rural parts of Gurugram. According to the plan a makeshift justice delivery system will be set up at certain villages in the Gurugram district. A cluster of three to four villages will be formed and the makeshift court that will be set up in different clusters. “The system of village courts (Gram Adaalats) has experimented in Kurukshetra, Haryana. We now plan to introduce this in Gurugram. We plan to send our senior judges and magistrates to these makeshift courts. There are large numbers of legal cases that are emanating from rural areas of the district. The village courts if successful will not only be beneficial in reducing the cases at the court but will also be useful for the rural citizens who have to regularly visit the District Courts for their cases,” said a top lawyer of the court. In January 2017, the foundation stone of new judicial complex was laid in Gurugram. Named the Justice tower it will be the largest judicial complex in North India and will house over fifty-five courts.last_img

15 lakh cases involving petty crimes pending in Ggn courts
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