first_imgFrench, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese are considered five of the most romantic languages in the world. Whether you’re solving puzzle caches by candlelight or rowing to a T5 geocache on a lake, embrace the romance of the season and impress your sweetheart with geocaching phrases in each of the love languages.Would you like to go geocaching with me?    French: Ca te dirait d’aller géocacher avec moi ?    Italian: Vorresti venire a fare geocaching con me?    Portuguese: Queres ir fazer geocaching comigo?    Spanish: ¿Me concedes este caché?    Japanese: 一緒にジオキャッシングに行かない? (Issho ni jiokyasshingu ni ikanai?)The smiley that matters most to me is yours.    French: Le smiley qui compte le plus à mes yeux c’est ton sourire.    Italian: Lo smiley più importante per me è il tuo sorriso.    Portuguese: O smiley que mais me fascina é o teu.    Spanish: La sonrisa que más me importa es la tuya.    Japanese: あなたの笑顔がいちばん素敵 (Anatanoegao ga ichiban suteki)I would search the whole world to find you.    French: Je chercherais dans le monde entier pour te trouver.    Italian: Cercherei ovunque nel mondo per trovarti.    Portuguese: Eu procuraria o mundo inteiro para te encontrar.    Spanish: Buscaría por todo el mundo para encontrarte.    Japanese: 世界中を探してあなたを見つけるよ。(Sekaijū o sagashite anata o mitsukeru yo)These are just a few of the world’s most romantic languages. In reality, any language can be romantic with the right words!So what are you waiting for? Start perfecting these sayings and be sure to check out these 11 Romantic Geocache Locations to get inspired for your next geocaching outing!Still looking for a little something for your sweetheart? See our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts at Shop Geocaching or our international retailers.Hier kannst Du den Artikel auf Deutsch lesen.Lire cet article en français.Lee este artículo en español. Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedLe géocaching dans les langues de l’amourFebruary 13, 2017In “Français”Geocaching in der Sprache der LiebeFebruary 13, 2017In “Deutsch”Geocaching en las lenguas del amorFebruary 13, 2017In “Español”last_img

Geocaching in the languages of love

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