first_imgThe remaining but partial wall that stands between the Atlantic Ocean and the D. Twe Memorial High School building in New Kru Town may not be able to withstand the pounding of the wind and ocean waves if nothing is done to halt it, according to residents who spoke to the Daily Observer.Some residents interviewed over the Christmas weekend are worried about the worsening situation.Many said though the erosion has stopped, there is constant attack of high winds that affect the remaining partial wall that stands between the ocean and the school building.“You can see that several fishermen have come here to use the space near the wall as their staging ground for fishing,” said a resident who did not want to be identified. “This indicates the seriousness of the situation.”He said it was reported that the Ministry of Education is investing in the reconstruction of the D. Twe High School wall, which he suggested should include a barrier to prevent the Atlantic Ocean from raging havoc on the wall and eventually reaching the school building.“We cannot afford to lose the only public high school on Bushrod Island, and so we are hoping that the Ministry of Education can speed up efforts now that we are in the dry season,” he said.He said the urgency of the matter should press Ministry of Education officials to rush to “get the business done, and on time.”“Unless the government makes haste, we will gradually move into other months that may see the arrival of the rainy season and we would not have achieved anything,” he said.Another female resident of Colonel West community said it was unfortunate that the destruction unleashed by the relentless ocean was not stopped on time.“It takes many years of erosion for a whole area to be swept away,” she said, asking, “how did it happen that no one cared to have prevented the erosion five years ago?”She said the Ministry of Education should inform the community about what it plans to do now to prevent further erosion and rebuild the wall.“We want to know so that we can say that this time around something good can come from what officials have said to rebuild the school,” she said.Ministry of Education officials contacted confirmed to the Daily Observer that plans are underway to get the walls of the school rebuilt as well as constructing a barricade to stop the ocean from advancing to the school.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

D. Twe Last Wall Standing

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