first_imgThe challenge.The team faces the challenge of embodying Maradona in the different phases of his complex personal and professional life. From Villa Fiorito and Argentinos Jrs. to Boca, the Albiceleste and its adventures in Spain and Italy. And from there to his problems with the drug, the US positive. and the elite’s withdrawal to the arrhythmia with which he bordered death and the treatment of his addictions in Cuba. Later will come the wide phase as a coach. A role that three actors with a similarity, in some cases, amazing.Nicolás Goldschmitt gives life to the youngest Maradona. “I come from the dance, so for the series I had to enlarge my thighs. Then I spent time learning some of his gestures. Shoulders back or wet lips with tongue every so often when I speak, ” account.More complex mission was the turn of Nazareno Casero, who, being right-handed, plays left-handed, for many, the greatest of all time. “Now I’m practically left handed. I can charge some fault … The gambeta I studied the most is the hitch inside, but Maradona is indecipherable. It has a unique movement of the body, ”explains the adult Maradona. To illustrate their football and exploits the team will also resort to archival images. Amazon Prime Video ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Frame from the series ‘Blessed Dream’Amazon Prime Video It’s 2019, but it could be 2001. Maradona, in the skin of actor Juan Palomino, says goodbye to La Bombonera and Boca Juniors, the team of his life. Grant Diego After his homage party (The ball is not stained) his last interview on foot of field with the xeneize shirt accompanied by his daughters Dalma and Giannina. And the stands shout: “Diego! Give me the captain’s tape! Make me a son, Diego! ” A journey through time through one of the scenes of Maradona: Blessed Dream, the biographical series of The fuzz in which Amazon Prime Video has been working with extreme zeal for over a year.AS, the only Spanish media present in the filming in Argentina, followed the action from the stands, spoke with the actors and the director and discovered some of the secrets of a work that will give prominence to the Maradona stage in Spain. “There will be Barcelona and Seville, which for him represented crossing the limits,” says director Alejandro Aimetta.Amazon Prime Video ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Frame from the series ‘Blessed Dream’Amazon Prime Videocenter_img Juan Palomino takes care of the current Maradona, which transformed his body to gain 20 kilos. He speaks convinced of the “Maradonian concept”. “Maradona is a pasture, liveliness, the drive to break the established. It reminds me of Ali. It is politically incorrect. Read reality and stand in front of it. He falls and rises. Like the fenix bird. And we all talk about Maradona. Because we are all children of God, ”he laughs.Telling something new about Maradona will be part of the challenge, but from Prime Video they insist. A new vision will be offered. “There will be things that Maradona doesn’t like. We will not avoid the moments when he bit the ground. It would be hypocrisy. Far from what everyone thinks, he neither limited us nor there were warnings, ”confesses Aimetta, who refuses to reveal whether the royal Maradona will appear in any chapter:“ It was not my turn to get there, but it is not ruled out. I would like. Who doesn’t want to have him around?Maradona is still a reef. We will see how far Blessed Dream comes. 2020 and a legion of fans await its premiere.Another vision of Maradona.Maradona: Blessed Dream will feature two seasons of ten chapters each. Spain, a fundamental part of his career, will also have his space. The scriptwriter team, as director Aimetta confirmed to AS, He worked in collaboration with Maradona, as well as with forty people from his circle. “All versions did not match. We tell by contrast what each one lived, ”he says. Amazon has not confirmed release date, but 2020 is emerging as the year of release.Rodrigo Alonso ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>The actors of ‘Sueño bendito’ in La BomboneraRodrigo Alonsolast_img

In the skin of Maradona in La Bombonera: within the series ‘Dream blessed’ by Amazon

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