first_imgSancho added: “let us not allow thisanother form of injustice to take place if our economic managers will succeedin implementing this scheme with audacity in utter disregard of our economicfuture.”/PN “The unfolding of this disastrouseconomic event is being pushed by the food processors and industrial usershammering on the issue that domestic sugar prices are double than the worldprices,” he said. “Most of them are acting on the interests of the sugartraders who are profiting much from this lucrative business at the expense ofthe agrarian reform beneficiaries and small farmers.” “Department of Agriculture secretaryWilliam Dar and the members of the House of Representatives in Negros Occidentalshould heed our clarion call to action from protest rallies to a dialogue tohelp us avert the looming economic holocaust,” he said. He further said that it will be amatter of time before the sugar industry’s imminent collapse gleaned from thepronouncements and dogged determination of the country’s economic managers toimplement the sugar import liberalization policy. According to Sancho, DoF’s move hadsent shivers on the spines of sugar farmers and workers.center_img “The crucial role of the SRA in doinga balancing act would now come into play,” he stressed. Sancho made the call after theDepartment of Finance (DoF) formally proposed import liberalization for thesugar industry modeled on the opening up of the rice market. BACOLOD City – The Sugar RegulatoryAdministration (SRA) should be firmand consistent in the enforcement of its authority to protect the interest andwelfare of sugar farmers and workers, Sugar Watch Philippines secretary generalWennie Sancho said. last_img

SRA urged to stand ‘firm’ against sugar import liberalization

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