first_img“To date, Tioga has seen 153 cases of flu, whereas last year at this time I had 89, and the year before that I had 24,” said Bilbrey. If you start showing symptoms of the flu, seek treatment right away. OWEGO (WBNG) — After every holiday season, health officials expect the number of flu cases to go up. The difference with this year is that there was a major spike, and it occurred early. “Good soap and water, wash your hands. When you’re going into the store a lot of times the grocery stores will leave wipes so that you wipe down the grocery carts. Those can get kind of gnarly. If you’re sick, stay home, and get the flu shot,” said Bilbrey. If you’ve been fortunate enough to stay healthy, continue to practice those prevention techniques. “The flu activity started very quick in New York this year. We’re not quite sure why. It’s not just Tioga, it’s state-wide. We tend to spike, we start to see it more moving into January, but we started at the beginning of December,” said Tioga County Supervising Public Health Nurse Barbara Bilbrey.center_img “Fever, chills, weakness, fatigue. If those are the true blue symptoms of the flu, get yourself to a walk-in, get yourself to your doctor. There are medications that you can be put on that can limit the impact of flu,” said Bilbrey. Flu cases have already doubled from this time last year. There are typically two types of the flu virus, Flu A and Flu B. Normally only one prevails each year, but this year both are being seen according to health officials. Helping prevent or limit the spread of the flu virus will protect yourself and others as we all try to stay healthy the rest of the winter.last_img

Number of flu cases continue to spike in Tioga County

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