first_img HOW can that RASCAL offer something, if he is friend of the FARC, a narco-terrorist group. Ortega also ranks among the group of Chávez’s friends, the genocidal Mugabe, the genocidal and terrorist Omar al-Bashir, the new Hitler Ajmadineyad, the serial killer Assad, etc. and to deserve such precious friendship Ortega has in his resume the genocide of MISKITOS, the RAPIST OF HIS STEPDAUGHTER , AND HE IS THE PERMANENT DICTATOR OF NICARAGUA…But now the time has come for the end of the allies of the theft revolution. By Dialogo May 07, 2012 Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega announced on May 3 that he is willing to strengthen his country’s relationship of cooperation with the United States in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, after receiving the credentials of the new ambassador, Phyllis Powers. “We’re sure that (Powers) will have the opportunity here to work toward strengthening the relationship between our peoples and governments (…) in this fight that we’re waging against drug trafficking and organized crime,” Ortega said at a ceremony at the House of the Peoples (a convention center) in Managua. Ortega judged it important to “intensify this battle” in “close cooperation with the United States,” starting from Powers’s experience as a diplomat in the region. The two countries have “points in common that bring us closer together, that unite us (…) alongside some differences; what’s important is that we’re able to make progress in the areas of cooperation and exchange” in the bilateral relationship, he said. Powers, for her part, conveyed her government’s desire to be “friends and partners” with all the countries in the region. “Hopefully, during my time here, we will be able to make progress in our relationship and implement programs that will benefit everyone in this region, as partners and neighbors,” the diplomat said after presenting her credentials to Ortega. last_img

Ortega Willing to Increase Anti-Drug Cooperation with US

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