first_imgForks Area Trail System (FATS)Length: 34 miles total (made up of different loops)Difficulty: Moderate Lakeview Trail-Hickory Knob State Resort Park Length: 6.7 MilesDifficulty: Difficult Starting with a boardwalk over Slade Lake, theTen Governors trail invites visitors to wander past historic homes andmonuments to each of the ten SC governors that hail from Edgefield county. Best for Families Best Picnic This hike has lots of outdoor activities nearby,including a boat ramp and fishing pier. Eat in a picnic shelter or on the grassby the lake, and take advantage of everything the lake has to offer to makeyour picnic your own! Lake Rabon Park Length: 2.5 miles round tripDifficulty: Easy Best View Ten Governors Rail TrailLength: 1 mile linear, 2 miles round tripDifficulty: Easy Best for Dog Lovers Beaver Run Trail-Hickory Knob State Resort Park Length: 2.5 MilesDifficulty: Easy Best for Newbies This is a trail optimized for mountain bikes, but for those who are up to the challenge the reward is oh so sweet. From promontories on the hillsides, experience panoramic views of Lake Thurmond. Because Hickory Knob is the only resort State Park in South Carolina, there’s plenty of places right nearby to crash for the night. Just under two miles round trip, Rock Creek winds through the suburbs of Greenwood while still feeling like real nature. Follow the small creek through a mini escape, and when you’re finished, Uptown Greenwood is only a short drive away. Cherokee Path (Ninety Six National Historic Site) Length: 1.5 MilesDifficulty: Easy Best for Plant Lovers Parson’s Mountain Recreation Area Length: 4 Mile LoopDifficulty: Moderate While many of Old 96 District’s trails allowpets, not all of our trails have an 800-foot summit and a loop around Parson’s Mountain Lake. Visitors wanting atougher hike can take a branch of the trail passing by Civil War-era gold mineson the way to the summit. Mix all of this together, and you get a flora-packedtrail with several great places for your dog to explore! (And let’s face it, apicture of your best friend with that kind of view in the background might justwin the internet.)center_img Ninety Six National Historic Site is more than just a hiking trail; it’s the site of two Revolutionary War battles, the once-proud Star Fort, and other 18th-century relics. The trail– once a direct path for traders and travelers– now weaves through these landmarks. Younger hikers can explore as they go and get up close with history, keeping them engaged through the entire hike. Stevens Creek Heritage PreserveLength: 1.9 mile loopDifficulty: Moderate Best Town Trail Battlefield Trail- Musgrove Mill State Historic Site Length: 1.5 miles one-wayDifficulty: Easy A short trail introduces the terrain of the FATS before splitting into different loops, each a different length ranging from 4 to nearly 7 miles, or 34 miles total. Hikers can pick which loops they feel most equipped for, adding distance as their endurance grows. This system makes it easy to build your chops without having to find several different hiking trails. Connecting withnature can be a powerful thing. Many of us seek it out almost instinctively toease our minds and escape the daily grind of urban life. Hiking, biking, andeven walking– the art of simply travelling from one place to another– is oneof the most simple and enjoyable ways to get ourselves out there. Over 250miles of trails wind through South Carolina’s Old 96 District, with strikingviews and historic landmarks aplenty. With so much ground covered, a trailexists for every type of mover. Here, we’ve compiled a list of “Best Of’s” forevery occasion, whether your perfect hike is a tough mountain climb or an easyfamily outing Best for Endurance Training Best Mini Getaway Best Historic Trail Rock CreekLength: .9 miles one-wayDifficulty: Easy A companion to a much longer and more difficulthiking trail, the Stevens Creek Heritage Preserve homes fifteen rare andseveral endangered flowers and plants. The area’s unique bedrock makes it oneof only two places on Earth (the other being the Florida panhandle) theMiccosukee Gooseberry grows natively. This trail is great starter trail. It’s long enough to feel satisfied but not too long for a beginner. The trail dips down to the edge of Lake Thurmond and enters floodplain forest, with a variety of plant life to entice those still learning the local flora.  This trail begins at an ADA boardwalk and leads to an overlook at Horseshoe Falls. Wander alongside a Revolutionary War battlefield, with interpretive waysides sharing the story of the Battle of Musgrove Mill, 1780. If you want even more history for your fix, the British Camp Trail is as the same historic site. Of course, there are many more trails in Old 96 District to pick from. Check out our printable brochure for a more complete list of trails, as well as nearby campsites and lodging. last_img

The Ten Best Fall Trails in Old 96 District

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