What are the factors that affect the site ranking

3, the header tag information: This is not the website header information on server head system parameters, the spider climb up to take your site will visit the virtual host information system, general space win and Linux system, there will be some configuration language, this information is all in head, also is the site of the language program and server support language support, supporting it more in line with the Shanghai dragon, general accepr=language zh-cn is normal (accepr=language language), zh-cn (Chinese) the meaning of this sentence is Chinese language support, generally a lot of foreign trade of Shanghai dragon is very prone to problems, this is the language version of a problem, a spider crawling when they found Chinese language, so in a foreign country ranking website ranking will not So nice。 Is the general configuration of cn. read more

The history of the cattle keyword optimization for 3 days on the front page keywords

read a lot of this kind of software, including Taobao also has, but most of the software is to explain his ranking is through feedback website weight data packet to the search engine keywords reach page weight upgrade, enhance the site’s attention and friendly, so that the rapid promotion website keyword ranking effect.

The principle of This URL is Two days before the

for 3 days on the front page of the key words

two search URL is completely different, because the first.

https://m.baidu贵族宝贝/#|src_%E5%9F%9F%E5%90%8D%E9%87%8D%E5%AE%9A%E5%90%91|sa_ib read more

Ali entrepreneurial help Ma and his disciples love to killMy new sites for sh419 theme promotion why

, Ali’s former employees, occupy the top of China’s Internet industry.

entrepreneurship is the repeated departure logic of


at that time, the market began to rumor, Alibaba group has hired Goldman Sachs as a listed sponsor, and submit applications for listing to the hkex. In September 11th of the same year, Ali group partner system exposure. After several twists and turns, in March 16, 2014, Ali group announced the launch of the listing in the United states.

a screw away, and then in the venture capital circles, such a story to bring Ali stimulation, in 2014, Ali peaked before and after the listing. read more

Another way to start from the experience of Shanghai to promote the site outside the chain of love

you say the Shanghai experience, love the experience of Shanghai on-line time is not long, visibility is not high (always live in Shanghai, Shanghai know love love encyclopedia shadow), there are many external competitors; as the actual type of knowledge website, love the experience of Shanghai professional skills is serious, the practical ability of the congenitally deficient people do not have the basic ability of writing and writing ability; the ability is not strong.

therefore, aiming at the problem of the common users skills practice, provide "specific how to do" and "how to solve the concrete steps of" the love experience of Shanghai still has to take all kinds of stimulus measures to encourage foreign chain, also open one eye, close one eye ", the author hopes to attract more involved in the creation, provide high quality content and strong operational methods to operational problems for users in daily work exists to attract readers, to build the brand. read more

love to talk about something that a mule Shanghai dragon outside


from A5 and Chinaz see, I love mules can see a lot of very well written text, but there are a lot of the poor, the poor people as people can not see the money, a lot of people is whether the write will directly to the poor, and some even directly in the comments on ".

Chinese has an old saying: men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. Therefore, more important to choose the right direction for men with industry. A correct direction, even if what you were in the middle of the wrong, but as long as the direction, these errors are slowly to make up, to insist, finally have the chance of success. But if the direction is wrong, even if you have more efforts, more diligent, just the opposite, only farther and farther away from success. read more

How to select the site keywords multi angle

if we put the core keywords to expand, as the "Shanghai lawyer", this is a lot better to find the "Shanghai lawyer", Internet users have been showing some purchase intention. To expand a step, if the target keywords as "Shanghai economic law", then the purchase intention will be stronger, even almost certainly that the user is in the specific region in the search for specific cases of legal services, so customers to search your website to your customers the opportunity will be greatly improved. So we must remember that the flow itself is not necessarily benefit, may also be wasting your resources such as bandwidth and customer service, we are looking for is able to transform into effective traffic flow. read more

Ad4all eBay mobile phone recharge products share promotion noticePPC the online advertising Savior

when the PPC mode is introduced, we are still in the first period: the industry claims that online advertising in the magical charm. The advertising agency to establish and advertise online has become increasingly complex. The Gross announced new technology in less than 18 months, the online advertising industry began to decline, developers give up online business, interactive agency many feel helpless. At this time, we have PPC, this has been derided advertising model suddenly back to life, which is not only for the search engine, and for all the men are the same. For a time, we heard the marketing are said: " we believe that " interaction is the right way for you to put advertising products;. read more

Dry cargo love Shanghai know quiz experience

do network marketing knows Q & marketing effect, especially the love of Shanghai know, if it is to do the station, and the weight effect is self-evident, but to love more and more strict audit mechanism in Shanghai, most people do not know how to start, generally not to send links, serious cases will be taken prisoner. Today talk about love Shanghai know outside the chain of actual combat.

in Shanghai love to know inside add some concern keywords

try to answer the question, whether it will be adopted, also don’t put ads. If someone asked you, must continue to answer the question asked in the process, the more the better, if you have the opportunity to publish links can be released, but it is best to ask each other a few times. read more

5 strategies of enterprise website optimization

website program installed, then the key is to determine the key words. According to the Shanghai love index and demand distribution to find the most welcome by the industry are those words, the love Shanghai drop-down and search and analysis of the existing ranking to find love sea users often search words have those, finally determine the core keywords. Specific keywords analysis of mining technology I have been in Shanghai Longfeng Youzhi personal blog to share, you can refer to learning.

The contents of , read more

Analysis on the new website is search engine included several reasons

we all know that some search engines to the railway station, there is a period of observation, the various search engines on the new site observation period is different, and different types of site observation period is also different. But the observation period or more stringent inspection. Even if your site has been submitted to the search engine, but may be a long time have not seen "was included. The author observed, Google for new sites included speed, may be home page and the inside pages included within a week. Which included 360 and Sogou relatively slow, it may take two weeks to collect a website home page, but included in the inside pages is relatively slow. Love Shanghai for the new site inspection period is longer. Once your new site has this kind of situation, don’t panic, this is normal, as long as the formal legal website, to update the original station outside the station, multiple outside chain, observe, believe that within a month will be included. read more