Shanghai the real difficulty is not ranked but conversion rate

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may have just started Shanghai dragon friends think the biggest difficulty is the keyword of the website ranking, but I do believe that the two or three year old Shanghai dragon for ranking is generally not what big problem, general keywords can make up. But this time more than the ranking of headache is the site of the conversion rate, the ratio of individual Shanghai Longfeng technical things more difficult. Personally feel that have little to do with human nature, talent and technology. Often has its disadvantages, that is, this type of marketing psychology is poor. Is to say, very outgoing, very understand marketing or very sociable people are not good at technology, let such a person to do a relatively difficult technique to estimate. read more

How to talk about my experience of website optimization

the content of the web site to high quality and proper updates. In a timely manner appropriate to update the website content, >

"as far as possible the use of static pages, especially home.

page article list to make use of HTML tags. "The news headlines, the list is used to label, to all kinds of search engines, improve the site’s ranking. The directory structure of the site is set, the page elements for effective naming. The establishment of a English site folder named. Including inside each column folder, folder, folder and other animation pictures a separate category folder, so when the maintenance of the website can always find the specific location of each page elements. read more