Dawn adds flavours to frostings line-up

first_imgDawn Foods (Evesham, Worcestershire) has announced that it will now offer a full range of frostings, with the addition of three new flavours: chocolate, strawberry and lemon. Dawn Foods is launching the full frostings range in response to research among the bakery and foodservice sectors and their customers, which shows that, when it comes to sweet bakery products, consumers are demanding novelty and variety, visual appeal and satisfying taste delivery, said the firm. No artificial colours are used throughout the range.Dawn Foods’ marketing director, Maggie Dagostino, said: “We know that when it comes to sweet bakery products, consumers are demanding greater novelty and variety along with high visual appeal and great taste delivery. Our fros- tings range can satisfy that demand, allowing the sweet bakery line-up to be extended dramatically, creatively, easily and profitably.”last_img read more


first_imgAlex Salmond has always been a passionate, hard working, ’constituent’ MP. I call him that because he really has stood up and fought hard for his own constituents on every issue, from biscuit factory closures to community health measures.Now he has his eyes on the much bigger goal – Independence for Scotland. And he’s come up with a real vote-winning idea: “Let Scotland’s high streets flourish” (see pg 4).In this topical, vote-winning suggestion, the table-thumping MP wants to abolish business rates for 120,000 small firms and give rates relief on a sliding scale to others. I am with him so far, and much of what he says must be music to the ears of other UK high street bakers. But I have always been interested in current affairs and learned, a long time ago, to ask the same question posed by Kirk Hunter of the SAMB: “Who pays?”There is no such thing as a free subsidy, free grant, free anything. So while I totally agree with his sentiments that we need a return to community, and we want to see high streets flourish instead of seeing too many boarded-up shops and businesses, I’d still like an answer to that question.While on the craft sector, Doughnut Week is looming fast (pg 9). It is not only a fantastic opportunity to raise much-needed money for a nationwide charity, but a chance to publicise your business, sell more doughnuts and, importantly, increase profits alongside your profile. So please do sign up fast.Also, please enter the Baking Industry Awards. Many have requested more time to enter, so the deadline has been extended to May 18. Just call Nicola Chesson on 01293 867629 or download a form from our website, [http://www.bakeryawards.co.uk].In the plant sector, we are monitoring Kingsmill’s £14 million mega re-launch which its owner, Allied Bakeries, says has resulted in a “marked increase in sales” (pg 4). Early marketing data seems to confirm the fact, and both Sainsbury’s and our city analysts concur that it’s gone well.last_img read more

On ‘sick note Britain’

first_imgSmartly dressed, neatly bearded and with a digestive system to die for, Dr Allinson fired off pearls of wisdom as regularly as his bowels. Our nation of work dodgers – a rising percentage of which cannot even drag themselves out of bed in the mornings – should heed the following advice: go skinny dipping.On ‘sick note Britain’: “A daily swim acts as a tonic to the system generally, while the action of the sun and air on the naked skin is very invigorating. Even the most delicate may begin to have a sponge-down with cold water every morning. Those whose lives are chiefly spent in offices should get up early and have a swim before breakfast.”last_img read more

Best Bakeries’ business bought

first_imgSouth Wales’ company Best Bakeries, which went into administration on 4 June, has been saved by a management buy-in.New company Megans Bakery has bought the business, re-opened the factory in Hirwaun and taken back around half of Best Bakeries’ former staff. Megans has three directors – Best Bakeries’ former bakery manager Steve Fogo and John and Lee McCardle, who run a sandwich filling business.Megans has agreed an exclusive contract with ICD Wales to supply Ferrari’s shops, and also plans to expand its business with other retailers, including an increased focus on bake-off.See this week’s British Baker (4 July) for the full story.last_img read more

Reporting in

first_imgMy family bakery in Kent has just had its inspection, ready for work experience placements next year. This made me wonder how many bakers are taking up this worthwhile and rewarding opportunity.We have been involved with the local school work experience scheme for over 20 years. At first, the scheme was run by the schools themselves, but this is now organised by the Medway Education Business Partnership, which co-ordinates various aspects of education in business. The idea is that, for two weeks, young people are sent out to work in a local business, without pay, in order to gain experience of a working environment.In this way, they are able to find out what it would be like when they leave school in a year or so. They have a file and keep a daily diary, which we discuss with them at the end of the placement.The pupils are mainly sent to factories, offices and our bakery. The teachers try to match each pupil with a particular interest.On the first day the pupils are given Health & Safety instructions. They are then paired with a staff member to watch and observe. Within a short time they are soon stamping out pies and icing buns, as well as the usual tasks of cleaning trays and washing up. As time goes by, many acquire skills they would not have believed they could possess.The boys and girls we have on the scheme all come from our three local secondary schools, all of which have been deemed ’failing’. Yet, in the bakery, we have seen some of the greatest and most helpful kids and workers you could wish to meet. They work shoulder to shoulder with us on the daily routine and go home tired and happy. When they leave us, they usually ask for Saturday or holiday jobs.Sometimes, the work experience can help a pupil decide on future employment in other ways. One young lady, after finishing her two weeks, said to me: “Thank you for helping me make my mind up about working in a bakery or kitchen when I leave school – I really don’t want to do it!”At the moment I have two full-time members of staff who first started as work experience youngsters.A short while ago, I met a very smart banqueting manageress at a high-class hotel, when I was delivering a wedding cake. “You don’t remember me,” she said, “but I did work experience in your bakery.” The time she spent with us helped her decide to take up a career in hotel management.One lad, with no qualifications, returned to us for a full-time job and eventually became our number-one baker. He is still in the trade today, as a manager for a top in-store bakery.We all want a never-ending supply of good staff and, like new potatoes, you can’t beat growing your own! As we run our bakeries, we are probably the best people to train them and that is why work experience gives us an insight into future staff. Try itlast_img read more

In Short

first_imgNorthern Foods’ bakery division has seen solid seasonal demand over Christmas, according to its interim statement for the 13 weeks ended 27 December 2008. Underlying revenue was up 1.9%, with average prices increasing by 2%. The food firm also noted a good performance for its own-label and Matthew Walker puddings.== Northern highlights ==== SAMB to look at fats ==The Scottish Association of Master Bakers (SAMB) is to organise a series of workshops with the Food Standards Agency (FSA), looking at the technical aspects of lowering fats in bakery products. Details of the workshops will be revealed soon. The SAMB had recently aired concern to FSA officials regarding the effect its anti-saturated fats campaign may have on bakery products.== Food sales hold firm ==Food sales grew marginally in the Christmas trading period, despite total UK retail sales values falling 3.3% on a like-for-like basis, according to the British Retail Consortium. The December figures were the worst since data was first collected 14 years ago.== Inbake redundancies ==Supermarket in-store bakery (ISB) company Inbake has made around 80 people redundant in the past year, after its main customer, the Co-operative Group, decided to bring its ISB operation in-house. Eight ISBs and 10 satellite units at Co-op stores have closed.== Scores on the Doors ==The FSA has approved a six-tier Scores on the Doors hygiene rating scheme for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Retail bakeries and foodservice operators are encouraged to voluntarily display the scores on the premises. Scotland is to continue its two-tier system of ’pass’ or ’improvement required’.last_img read more

Beef pies take top UK savoury slot

first_imgBeef pies have overtaken sausage rolls as the UK’s favourite savoury snack, according to a new report from research company Mintel.The report found that beef pies, such as steak and kidney, steak and ale, and beef and onion, are now more popular than sausage rolls, which had previously topped the chart in 2008. The top three pie and pasty products in 2010 rank as beef pies (55% of people said these were their favourite), sausage rolls (53%) and Cornish pasties (45%).The savouries market is performing well, said Mintel, and is expected to grow in value by 2% from £941m in 2009 to an estimated £962m by the end of 2010. Between 2008 and 2009, sales of pies and pasties increased by around 5%. The market is predicted to grow by a further 17% to reach £1.12bn by 2017.  Vivianne Ihekweazu, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel, said: “While pies were often seen as old-fashioned, they have benefited from being repositioned as a popular gastro pub meal staple – moving them beyond the sausage roll in the eyes of the consumer.”last_img read more

Schultz: Be bold or be left behind

first_imgThose companies that are not bold in the face of the global economic crisis and don’t have the courage to take risks, may be left behind, according to Starbucks chairman, president and chief executive Howard Schultz.Speaking at the 12th European Foodservice Summit in Zurich, Schultz said that, more than ever, companies “must have the curiosity to see around corners and have the courage to take risks”. Talking about operating in the current unstable financial environment, he said: “The status quo of how we operate in the past is on a collision course with time and how we operate in the future. I believe those who understand their environment and take the road less travelled will win and endure. Schultz, who returned as chief executive of Starbucks in 2008, said that every company would need to be more creative and more entrepreneurial to cope with the major challenges facing economies. “Great companies pick up market share in downturns, great entrepreneurs come forward and new businesses are born.” Schultz said that with trust in traditional institutions, such as governments, at its lowest ever level, people were hungry for leadership, which has got to be “consistently honest”. He recently launch a campaign to urge chief executives to boycott donating to US political campaigns to encourage leaders to solve the nation’s growing budget deficit. Over 60 business leaders have already signed up to the pledge. He said: “I am asking that we forego political contributions until the country’s leaders deliver a fiscally disciplined long-term debt and deficit plan to the American people. Our leaders need to lead, business leaders shouldn’t be quiet, politicians work for us, people need to be represented.” And he added that communicating a company’s strategy with its staff/people was crucial. “There should be transparent, honest and frequent communication with your people, there needs to be a common vision and your people need to see themselves as part of that vision, you need to bring them along. “Our competitive advantage is our relationship with our people. Long-term value for your shareholders is directly linked to creating long-term value for your people.” Schultz said that companies cannot escape what is going on in the world. He said: “We should recognise that we have a collective responsibility to invest in communities we serve. Companies need to demonstrate a positive signal to their communities that we can work together. Workers need respect for their company and they need to see that it is investing in the local community. Manage our organisations and brands, think about our responsibilities to the communities we serve.”• This article first appeared on M&C Report, a WRBM publication that offers business and intelligence in the eating and drinking out markets. For more information visit www.wr-bi.co.uk.>> Breakfast trade boosts Starbucks UK saleslast_img read more

South Bend’s Winter Restaurant Weeks kick off November 1

first_imgIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market South Bend’s Winter Restaurant Weeks kick off November 1 By Brooklyne Beatty – October 28, 2020 0 423 Facebook WhatsApp Facebook WhatsApp Pinterest Google+center_img Twitter (Photo Supplied/EatDrinkDTSB,com) South Bend’s Winter Restaurant Weeks begin this Sunday.During the month of November, 15 participating restaurants will offer value-priced menus and specials for dine-in, carryout and delivery.Participating restaurants include:Café Navarre | 101 N. Michigan St. | 574-968-8101Chicory Café | 105 E. Jefferson Blvd. | 574-234-1141Cinco 5 | 112 W. Colfax Ave. | 574-520-1455Fiddler’s Hearth Public House | 127 N. Main St. | 574-232-2853LaSalle Grill | 115 W. Colfax Ave. | 574-288-1155LaSalle Kitchen and Tavern | 115 W. Colfax Ave. | 574-288-1174PEGGS | 127 S. Michigan St. | 574-288-7337Render | 521 E. Jefferson Blvd. | 574-239-7777Roselily | 131 S. Lafayette Blvd. | 574-347-4560South Bend Chocolate Cafe | 122 S. Michigan St. | 574-287-0725Spirited | 105 E. Jefferson Blvd.| 574-406-6946Studebaker Brewing Co. | 620 W Washington St. | 574-234-9077Studebaker Grill | 620 W. Washington St. | 574-234-9077The Lauber | 504 E. LaSalle Ave. | 574-234-2342Woochi Japanese Fusion & Bar | 123 W. Washington St. | 574-289-2222The Downtown Dining Association has pledged the Hoosier Hospitality Promise to provide social distancing, masked employees and clean environments throughout the event.For more information, including special Restaurant Week menus, visit EatDrinkDTSB.com. Google+ Twitter TAGSDowntown Dining AssociationIndiananovemberSouth BendWinter Restaurant Weeks Pinterest Previous articleTrump not likely worried about winning IndianaNext articleSouth Bend releases new 311 online service request portal Brooklyne Beattylast_img read more

Press release: City of Cardiff can be a powerhouse of the economy

first_imgLeader of the Council, Cllr Huw Thomas said: Tonight (24 January) the Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns, will host an event at Gwydyr House for investors to find out more about Cardiff Council’s development plans and opportunities for investment.Guests will hear from the Secretary of State as well as Cllr Huw Thomas, Leader of Cardiff Council, and Cllr Russell Goodway, Cabinet Member for Investment and Development, about investment opportunities in Wales’ capital city.Tonight’s event is all about showcasing the many and varied investment opportunities in Cardiff. This event will bring together some of the city’s top investors, UK Government Ministers and representatives from Cardiff Council to help drive growth across the region.The UK Government has wide ranging ambitions for the nation and has made significant contributions to the Cardiff City Deal, committed to abolishing the Severn Tolls by the end of this year and has put a new fleet of Intercity Express Trains on the line between South Wales and London, reducing journey times by up to 15 minutes.Speaking ahead of the event Secretary of State Alun Cairns said: Cardiff Council is delighted to be able to participate in this investment seminar hosted by the Secretary of State for Wales in Whitehall. This is a great opportunity to showcase Cardiff to private sector investors and funds and highlight the progress we are making as a leading UK Core City. The city’s growth agenda is both exciting and challenging. If we are to achieve our regeneration objectives, the role of the private sector, working in partnership with the public sector will be crucial in bringing additional investment and jobs to the Welsh Capital. The Council has recently published a Green Paper – ‘Building More and Better Jobs’ – which sets out an economic development vision for Cardiff requesting feedback from the public. The investment seminar will help us gain important feedback from London based investors on the progress Cardiff is making and how they can help us in our ambition to bring more jobs and prosperity to communities across Cardiff.center_img After the success of Monday’s inaugural Severn Growth Summit, tonight’s event provides another great platform for networking and identifying opportunities for attracting global investment to Wales’ capital city and the surrounding areas. Cardiff is a powerhouse and has rightly been named by the UK Government as one of the UK’s Financial Centres of Excellence, contributing almost £1.2billion to the UK economy, higher than the contribution made by the sector in cities such as Sheffield, Liverpool, and Aberdeen.last_img read more