Mantis Shrimp Baffles Evolutionists

first_imgStomatopods, popularly known as mantis shrimp, possess several unique abilities that defy evolution.The googly-eyed mantis shrimp, a colorful inhabitant of reefs important for coral ecology, is a living wonder in more than one way.  In previous entries, we reported that they are the only animals known to detect circularly polarized light (3/31/08).  Their limbs also operate clubs that are so powerful, they can break aquarium glass in a single strike (6/13/12).  Now, a new paper in Current Biology explains that mantis shrimp use a natural “sunscreen” protein as spectral filters, allowing them to see 12 channels of light using 16 types of photoreceptors (compared to the 3 in our retinal cones).“Though the reason for the mantis shrimp’s complex visual perception is poorly understood, one possibility is that the UV detection could help visualize otherwise difficult-to-see prey on coral reefs,” a short report on Science Magazine says.  “Many organisms absorb UV light—these organisms would be easy to spot as black objects in a bright world.”  One whack with their claw hammers would make for quick lunch.This was an “unexpected discovery,” EurekAlert says.  Perhaps this compensates for the small brain of these creatures:Their complex eyes, which include 16 or more types of photoreceptors in all, may provide them with a complex color and polarization visual system without a big brain to post-process lots of information. In other words, their eyes may sense and respond to complex visual inputs without the need to think very hard about it, [Michael] Bok [University of Maryland] explains.How did these unique features come about?  Michael Bok and the three other authors of the paper have no idea:The ecological and evolutionary factors that drove the development of such a singularly elaborate UV spectral tuning arrangement in N. oerstedii are poorly understood, but the complexity and precision of this system certainly suggest an importance to the stomatopods’ lifestyle.As for that lifestyle, they had some suggestions, even though it’s impossible to know how these amazing creatures experience their world:Stomatopods are aggressive predators, with one of the most powerful attack strikes in nature, and they have a surprising repertoire of complex social interactions. It is likely that UV sensitivity plays a role in many of their visually guided behaviors. Recent behavioral experiments have suggested that stomatopods may use their finely tuned color receptors as a temporally rapid means of color recognition. Provocatively, signaling at exceptionally short UV wavelengths could provide stomatopods with a rapid and covert medium of communication, outside the light-analysis range of any other marine animal.The authors never elaborated on what “evolutionary factors” might have produced the “singularly elaborate” visual system of the mantis shrimp.  The phrase “poorly understood” can be interpreted as “clueless,” because they would have suggested some clues if they had any.We’re not going to accept the standard Darwinist answer, “It evolved because it evolved” (6/26/13).  That would be a science show-stopper.  The show that has stopped is the Darwin Light and Magic Theater. (Visited 210 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more


first_imgThe State of Origin Touch Football Series played between Queensland and New South Wales in August 2006 at the Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association’s Whites Hill Sporting Complex is now available for you to own on DVD by ordering on-line on the Touch Football Australia web site.Recapture all the fast and furious action from a memorable Origin Series between the sport’s traditional rivals as the Blues and Maroons go head to head for Origin supremacy in the toughest test of minds and bodies at domestic level the sport has to offer.  The DVD contains action from the Men’s Open (Game 2) and Women’s Open (Game 3) clashes in the three game series.  Many of Australia’s leading Federation of International Touch 2007 World Cup stars are on show for their respective States in the DVD displaying the skill level, athleticism, and dexterity required to excel in the cauldron that is State of Origin Touch Football. The elevated octane level of a high stakes Men’s Open clash sees interstate rivalry bubbling to the surface in early exchanges, before the combatants get down to treating fans to a brilliant display of Touch Football at its very best.  Current Australian Men’s Captain Gavin Shuker, the man with the magic feet Drummayne Dayberg Muir, and speed machine Ben Robinson lead the Queensland Men’s charge against the Gary Sonda captained Blues combination featuring Australian Open Men’s Vice-Captain Jason Stanton, and the precision passing game of Daniel Rushworth. The New South Wales Women’s team featuring 9 current Australian World Cup players, including Blues skipper Melissa Pitfield, ‘wonder twins’ Kristy and Amanda Judd, and Player of the Series Louise ‘Squeeze’ Winchester, take on a Queensland outfit led by Australian Women’s Open Captain Sharyn Williams, ball playing sisters Peta and Hayley Rogerson, and speed merchant Roxy “Rocket’ Winder. The games are shown in the exact format that was featured on Pay Television giant Fox Tel’s Fox Sports channels over recent months. The cost of the State of Origin DVD is $ 25 including GST, plus postage. Stocks are limited, so to relive all the magic of origin ’06, and avoid disappointment, order your copy on-line through Touch Football Australia today.To order your copy please click here  and go to Technical Resources.last_img read more

11 days ago​Redknapp tips Liverpool to win Premier League title

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say ​Redknapp tips Liverpool to win Premier League titleby Freddie Taylor11 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveHarry Redknapp is hoping that Liverpool win the Premier League title this season.The former Spurs and Portsmouth manager spoke about the title race between the nation’s top two teams.The Reds are eight points ahead at this early stage of the season, but City are far from out of the race.Redknapp wants to see the Reds prevail, and he explained why.”If I had one club I’d love to have managed it would have been Liverpool,” Redknapp told the Daily Mail. “I loved them. I can see them winning the league this year. Give them the title and give it to them now.”I’ve had a big bet and I think the bookmakers should pay me out last_img read more

Former Deputy Chairman of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal Dwight Nelson has Died

first_imgThe Minister and staff of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security express condolences to the family and friends of the late Dwight Nelson, former Deputy Chairman of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal. Mr. Nelson was appointed to the tribunal in 2015, a position he held until the time of his passing.Mr. Nelson was a true Nationalist who lived a life dedicated to service. He was a stalwart in the trade Union Movement and has left an inedible mark. He is fondly remembered for his wit and impartiality.As we mourn his death, our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.last_img read more

Caring for the elderly

first_imgEconomic developments and technological innovations have helped increase life expectancy worldwide. There was a time when thousands would perish because of epidemics like plague and smallpox which had an adverse effect on life expectancy. Such deadly diseases are under control now. Life expectancy in India was 32 years at the time of independence in 1947. In 1969 it rose to 47 years further growing to 60 years in 1994 and 69 years in 2019. India’s population grew at an average annual rate of 1.2 per cent between 2010 and 2019 to 1.36 billion, more than double the annual growth rate of China, according to a report by the United Nations Population Fund. The number of young people in our country increased at a rapid rate and the number of elderly also grew steadily. Also Read – A special kind of bondAccording to the law, a “senior citizen” means any person being a citizen of India, who has attained the age of 60 years or above. Population Census 2011 revealed that there are nearly 104 million elderly persons (aged 60 years or above) in India; 53 million females and 51 million males. A report released by the United Nations Population Fund and Help Age India suggests that the number of elderly persons is expected to grow to 173 million by 2026. From 5.6 per cent in 1961, the proportion of the elderly increased up to 8.6 per cent in 2011. (Source: Elderly in India 2016) Also Read – Insider threat managementAn elderly person has to face manifold challenges, including physical, mental, emotional, social and financial. They are always worried about social security. As one grows, both the physical and mental faculties face a downward trend. The person is more prone to fall prey to various types of diseases. Most of these diseases are of degenerative nature and thus are of chronic nature. List of risks including illnesses, disorders, ailments, maladies, and diseases associated with old age are quite long. Through various researches around 125 diseases have been identified to be directly connected with this age group. Arthritis is a very common condition leading to pain in the joints and lowering the quality of life by prohibiting day to day activity and movements of the person. It may be fatal in a little number of cases. Heart Diseases are the leading killers of persons above the age of 65. An elderly person needs to get his heart monitored time to time to get to know any disease cropping up well on time. This needs awareness and has financial implications as well. Cancer is the second leading cause of death. The person has to pay repeated hospital visits requiring expensive investigations, monitoring and medical or surgical intervention for a long period of time. All this seriously affects the economy of the whole family and psychology of the patient. Depression is one of serious issue associated with it. Respiratory Diseases are the third common cause of death among the elderly who are more vulnerable to pneumonia and other infections. Many of them in this age group develop Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which requires repeated hospitalisation and intensive treatment. Cerebrovascular accidents occur as a result of leakage or clotting of blood in the brain or tumours in the cranium. A person may develop paralysis. His quality of life becomes very poor and he becomes dependent on others. This becomes a cause of serious psychological disturbance and a matter of stress for the whole family. Parkinsonism hampers the person’s capabilities and gradually cripples the physical capacities. Alzheimer’s disease occurs because of the degenerative process of the brain. The patient develops cognitive impairment and is unable to take care of himself. He is a concern to the family for safety and cost involved in his care. Osteoporosis makes bones brittle and the person is more likely to develop fracture of any bone. The fracture of vertebral bodies can cripple the patient. Falls are more common and these are an emergency condition, which requires hospitalisation. Incidence of Diabetes is increasing in our country. Those who had developed Diabetes in early age develop several complications by the time they reach elderly age. Complications may be related to the nervous system, heart, kidney, muscles and other body systems. Infections occur more commonly in this age group because of the lowering of immunity in this age group. Sometimes these may prove to be fatal. Depression is an increasing problem in our country which is occurring as a result of changing family relations, increase in the cost of healthcare, physical incapacities which increase with the age and person’s dependence on his siblings. Losing one’s life partner causes loneliness and isolation leading to depression. Poverty affects senior citizens health. Older women are slightly more likely than men to be living in poverty, and that gap widens in those over 80 years. Single older adults are also significantly more likely to live alone with fewer resources. Elderly age group is a challenging period in one’s life. Feeling of dependence on children for many day-to-day needs is difficult to accept. Financial deprivation adds up to the difficulties. The situation gets worse if the family is uncaring and neglecting the elderly. In our country where the social security net is very poor, elderly people face great difficulties as far as healthcare is concerned. To ameliorate the situation several steps have to be taken. Elderly need compassion. They need emergency care – sometimes repeatedly. Health care of the elderly has to be designed accordingly. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

Scheer calls for renegotiated Safe Third Country Agreement

first_imgSAINT-BERNARD-DE-LACOLLE, Que. – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is banking on diplomacy with the United States to reduce the number of asylum seekers who enter Canada illegally.Scheer says the solution to the problem lies in a renegotiation of the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States.The agreement allows both countries to turn back asylum seekers at border crossings except when they enter through an illegal point of entry.Scheer says there are people in refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East who are more deserving of being allowed to enter Canada.The Tory leader visited the Quebec border town of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle on Friday as well as the nearby Roxham Road crossing where thousands of people have entered Canada illegally.He took direct aim at Justin Trudeau, saying the crisis was caused by the prime minister’s tweet in January 2017 that Canada would welcome people fleeing persecution, terror and war.“It’s clear that all the ideas proposed so far, since the famous tweet of Justin Trudeau where he said all are welcome…that everything the government has proposed up till now is just to manage the symptoms of the crisis but not to address the cause in the first place,” he said.Scheer also criticized the installations that have been built at the border to welcome the asylum seekers.“There really is an air of permanence,” he said.“The buildings that have been installed, the systems that have been installed, it seems to us that without solving the root causes of this problem.. that these installations will become more and more permanent.”last_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Twitter Pegi Young was the inspiration for some of Neil’s love songs, including Such a Woman, Unknown Legend and Once an Angel.With great sadness, we confirm that on Jan 1st, after a yearlong battle with cancer, Pegi Young- mother, grandmother, sister, auntie, musician, activist and co-founder of the Bridge School- passed away surrounded by her friends and family in her native CA.— Pegi Young (@pegiyoung) January 3, 2019She began as his background singer in the 1990s, sharing the stage with him at the 1994 Academy Awards and numerous tours over the course of 20 years.She had released five solo albums since 2007 and toured extensively on her own, occasionally with Neil on guitar.In a Rolling Stone interview in 2016 to promote her last release, Raw, she admitted despite some struggles late in the marriage, she was surprised by its sudden end.“I never would’ve thought in a million years we would be getting divorced,” she said. “So, yeah, there was a bit of a shock value there.”Pegi and Neil Young, shown at a 2012 charity event in Los Angeles, founded a California school to cater to children with severe disabilities, inspired by the struggles of their son, who was born with cerebral palsy. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images For The Recording Academy)In his 2012 book Waging Heavy Peace, Neil Young credited his wife for her support through the successes and difficulties during their marriage, which included each undergoing brain surgery at different points for separate ailments.Pegi Young also founded the Bridge School with her former husband, for children with severe disabilities.He said his wife was the “catalyst” for the series of Bridge School benefit concerts that began in 1986 to help fund the school.“She just blurted out, ‘Why don’t we just call your friends and put on concerts to raise money and start a school? We could get Bruce Springsteen!’” he wrote. “I just looked at her, dumfounded by this audacious idea.”Springsteen would indeed perform at the benefits through the years, as would performers across genres, including Elton John, Nine Inch Nails, and Canadian artists Arcade Fire, Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan.There were over two dozen such benefits before it was announced that the 2016 edition was the final show.NO!!! That’s so awful! She’s such a kind lady! ??— Neko Case (@NekoCase) January 3, 2019center_img Pegi Young performs with the Survivors on April 24, 2015, in Indio, Calif. Young has died at age 66 after a year-long battle with cancer. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach) Advertisement Advertisement Pegi Young, a U.S.-born singer-songwriter who was married to Canadian artist Neil Young for 36 years, has died at age 66 after a battle with cancer.In a Facebook post late Wednesday, her family said she died in her native California on New Year’s Day following a yearlong cancer fight.Pegi and Neil Young separated and divorced in 2014. Their two children are daughter Amber and son Ben, a quadriplegic who at a young age was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.last_img read more

Tory MP Hawn hoped higher unemployment would lead to better army recruitment

first_imgBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsOTTAWA–A Conservative MP recently nominated by the federal government to sit on a secretive Canada-U.S. committee on continental defence told U.S. officials he was hoping a downturn in the economy would lead to increased recruitment for the Canadian army, according to a “confidential” U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks to APTN National News.Edmonton Centre Conservative MP Laurie Hawn said he saw “hope” that the rising numbers of unemployed would lead to an increased in army recruits, according to the diplomatic cable from March 12, 2009.Hawn, who was parliamentary secretary for defence at the time, also told U.S. officials that the deployment of U.S. troops in Kandahar would help the Canadian military keep the soldiers it already had.“He expressed the hope that rising unemployment rates at home on one hand, and the welcome new deployment of U.S. troops in Kandahar on the other, would help the Canadian Forces to recruit and retain troops, at least in 2009 and 2010,” the cable said, which was based on a March 4, 2009 conversation.Hawn could not be reached for comment. His office said he was tied up in back-to-back meetings most of the day.Hawn, a former fighter pilot, was recently nominated to be Canada’s representative on the Permanent Canada-United States Joint Board of Defence, according to his MP website.The board is described as “the highest-level bilateral defence forum between the two countries” focusing on continental defence, according to the Department of National Defence’s website.Hawn’s MP website also said he was given a “historic” appointment to sit on the Treasury Board cabinet subcommittee tasked with finding billions of dollars in cuts throughout government operations.APTN National News obtained the diplomatic cable from whistleblower website WikiLeaks. It was part batch of hundreds of confidential and secret cables originating from or sent to the U.S. embassy in Ottawa and consulates across the country.CBC-Radio Canada also obtained the same batch of documents.WikiLeaks has already released over 2,000 cables dealing with Canada on its website.The cable, titled Challenges to the Transformation of the Canadian Army, noted some of the difficulties the Canadian Army faced in the recruitment and retention and its troubles with procurement.The cable was based on conversation with and public remarks by current Chief of Transformation of the Canadian Forces Staff Lt.-Gen Andrew Leslie, who was Chief of the Land Staff at the time, along with conversations with Hawn and former Alberta Conservative MP Rick Casson.Hawn told U.S. officials that the army was also having trouble processing new recruits, because the “Canadian Forces’ best trainers were often on deployment in Afghanistan,” according to the cable.Hawn noted, however, that the more pressing problem was the early retirement of “NCOs and officers” as a result of the “prospect of serving multiple tours in Kandahar.”The cable notes that “despite recurrent pledges” by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “government to re-build the capabilities of the Canadian Forces,” the army faced a series of challenges including procurement and recruitment.“The Canadian Army still faces serious funding, recruitment and procurement challenges as it seeks to meet pressing requirements in Afghanistan while also transforming itself into a medium-weight service capable of conducting both major combat and counterinsurgency operations,” said the cable.Casson, who Hawn is replacing on the Canada-U.S. defence board, told U.S. officials during a March 2 meeting that the Conservative plan to create a separate military procurement agency to avoid the interdepartmental turf wars would have to wait until the party formed a majority government.“Casson….complained that every defense purchase involved a complicated tug-of-war among the Department of National Defence, the Department of Industry and the Department of Public Works,” the cable said. “He admitted that the Conservatives’ hopes to establish a separate DND procurement agency had disappeared, at least until the Conservatives one day might for a majority government.”Casson did not run in the last election.After the May 2 election which gave the Conservatives a majority, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed former OPP commissioner Julian Fantino as associate minister of defence responsible for [email protected] out APTN’s WikiLeaks websiteThe CableDownload (PDF, Unknown)last_img read more

TCI PNP Leader slams PDM for lingering debris post hurricane season

TCI PNP Leader slams PDM for lingering debris post hurricane season

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, December 21, 2017 – Providenciales – Quarter one of 2018 will see a national clean-up campaign explained the PDM Administration yesterday as Environmental Health laws will be strictly enforced.   Minister of Health and Human Services Edwin Astwood, a known advocate for cleaner communities responded to PNP criticism about the significant mounds of debris still being seen around the islands in the aftermath of the storms.Leader of the Opposition Washington Misick said on the matter,   “Go to Five Cays, not only on the main road, pick some of those side roads where some of those structures have been demolished, where people’s personal belongings have been destroyed, beds, furniture, all sorts of stuff and where are they, they are on the side of the road, with a bunch of garbage, and that is true for Grand Turk, for South Caicos and Providenciales.”Minister Astwood replied, “There is far too many illegal dumping taking place in the Turks and Caicos islands, yes we know after the passage of the hurricanes persons had to get rid of debris, but now we have done cleanups, persons are still putting debris back on the road, we have cleaned up again, persons are still dumping, in Grand Turk we are conducting cleanups now, and as the persons are cleaning up, the next day people are still dumping.  That is not going to happen, to be tolerated in 2018, we’re gonna get this country clean, and I am pleased to say in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance we will be conducting a country wide cleanup in the first few months of 2018.”Both politicians were speaking at their respective Year One review press conferences, commemorating the first 12-months in office of the PDM Administration.#MagneticMediaNews#MisickslamsPDMforslowposthurricanecleanup Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #MisickslamsPDMforslowposthurricanecleanup Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Report Craft beer industry generates three times more revenue than San Diego

Report Craft beer industry generates three times more revenue than San Diego

first_imgReport: Craft beer industry generates three times more revenue than San Diego Padres October 11, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, Posted: October 11, 2018 KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A new report says that San Diego’s craft beer industry brings in three times more revenue to the city than the San Diego Padres.The studies author, Ed Ashley from CSU San Marcos joined us in studio to discuss the recent findings.last_img read more