Alaska LNG project secures final approval from US DOE for exports

first_imgThe approval allows the project to export LNG to to any country with which the US has not entered into a free trade agreement The LNG project is expected to complete all federal reviews and authorizations by the end of the year. (Credit: SatyaPrem from Pixabay) Alaska Gasline Development Corporation’s (AGDC) $38.7bn Alaska LNG Pipeline Project has secured final authorisation for gas exports.The approval from the US Department of Energy (DOE) allows the project to export LNG to all countries, including those without US free trade agreements (FTA).The announcement follows the US Department of the Interior (DOI) issuance of rights-of-way permits for the project last month.The Alaska LNG is an integrated project, which involves construction of about 1,400km of pipelines.It also includes construction of a 20 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) liquefaction facility at Nikiski, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, US and a gas treatment plant in the Prudhoe Bay.The natural gas produced at the Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson oil and gas fields on the Alaska’s North Slope will be supplied to the project.The natural gas treatment facility of the project will have three process trains with a total average capacity of 3.5bcf a day.All federal reviews and authorizations for Alaska LNG to be completed by end of 2020DOE Deputy Secretary Mark Menezes said: “I am proud to sign this export authorization that allows a path for the otherwise stranded gas resources on the North Slope of Alaska to be made available both to the people of Alaska and to the export market.“Major infrastructure investments like the Alaska LNG Project will bring long-term benefits to Alaskans, the United States, and to importing nations.”Furthermore, the project is expected to complete all federal reviews and authorizations by the end of the year.In June, AGDC reduced the cost estimate for the Alaska LNG project by 12% of $5.5bn from the previous estimate of $44.2bn.last_img read more

Colombia Openly Fighting Drug Trafficking

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega / Diálogo June 08, 2017 Colombia has 100,000 hectares of coca to deal with. Its goal for May 2018 is to eliminate half through crop substitution and the other half through forced eradication. On May 23rd,Colombian Minister of Defense Luis Carlos Villegas went before the Second Senate Commission and testified that, among other things, 3,500 hectares have thus far been voluntarily destroyed, and 15,000 hectares forcibly so. In terms of the effectiveness of the methods used, the minister clarified that “aerial spraying is 33 percent effective, that is, in an area that might have 100 coca plants, aerial spraying will kill 33 of them, which means you have to do three fumigations to finish the job.” Manual spraying by land, which is 95 percent effective, is what is now used. According to the Colombian Agricultural Institute, this prevents the regrowth of coca. While this crop intervention is direct, Colombian Army Major General Ricardo Jiménez Mejía, chief of Staff of Operations, told Diálogo that it is not the only intervention used. “We are working on different levels in the fight against drug trafficking, not only with crops, but we also attack agricultural inputs and precursors, production, distribution, and transport, as our main effort. In one way or another, we support both the Police and the Colombian Attorney General’s Office, in terms of money laundering and agricultural supplies.” Forced eradication happens in industrial crops where growers are unwilling to voluntarily replace the crops. “We have 9,000 men dedicated to the fight against illegal crops, 6,000 from the Armed Forces, and 3,000 split between police officers and civilians. It is an exercise that is coordinated within the ‘Victoria [Victory]’ and ‘Comunidades seguras y en paz [Secure and Peaceful Communities]’ plans, of the Armed Forces and the National Police, respectively,” Minister Villegas said. Territorial control After the signing of the peace accords, it became essential to have government presence in areas that FARC will be leaving (160 municipalities) in order to stop the expansion of coca crops and prevent Organized Armed Groups (GAO, per their Spanish acronym) from taking control of any territory. For that reason, the government seeks to promote socioeconomic development, infrastructure and security. The goal is to improve the standard of living of the civilian population. For that purpose, the “Strategic Military Stabilization and Consolidation Plan Victoria” of the Armed Forces General Command is outlining the path forward to achieve government control of the territory and to promote the creation of a stable and lasting peace. Currently, joint, coordinated and inter-institutional operations are conducted through the plan, which among other tasks seeks to neutralize guerrilla cells, GAOs and other criminal phenomena affecting the civilian population and national security. “The Armed Forces and the National Police are working hand in hand to affect these [GAO] structures because one way or another they harm the nation’s territory and threaten national security,” Maj. Gen. Jiménez said, adding that “the coordinated joint interagency work has allowed each and every one of our military victories in the past few years over phenomena of instability or those groups that have upset the country’s public order.” Minister Villegas specified that during the month of May, 132 members of the Gulf Clan were arrested, among them, 11 leaders. He also added that since the current government was installed, the group has lost more than half of its armed members. “They went from 4,200 to 1,570 thanks to support from the National Police and the Army during ‘Operation Agamenón’” he said. “Within the characterization made by the Ministry of National Defense, we have the responsibility… to practically attack four structures that are all throughout the country. One of them is the Gulf Clan, which represents around 92 percent; the ELN and ‘Los Pelusos,’ which represent four percent; and ‘Puntilleros,’ which represent two percent, both in Vichada and in Meta,” Maj. Gen. Jiménez said. Strategy at sea “Thanks to the maritime strategy that is being applied, we have an apparent blockade on drugs leaving. Go-fast boats and sailing cabotage vessels have been reduced this year. This assault on drug trafficking stems from our coordinated work,” Rear Admiral Juan Francisco Herrera Leal, commander of the Task Force against Drug Trafficking “Neptuno 73,” told Diálogo. “The Air Force has given us the opportunity to quickly identify contacts at sea to which we direct our assets for maritime interdiction.” Twenty-four percent of drugs arriving in the Caribbean are smuggled through the Atrato River. “Important blockades have been set up by the Titan Task Force – from Quibdó (Chocó) to Riosucio (Antioquia) by the Colombian Navy, and Brigade No. 17 of the Colombian Army from Riosucio to Bocas del Atrato. Finally, the work is completed thanks to alliances among peers in the Caribbean like Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica,” Rear Adm. Herrera concluded.last_img read more

How credit unions will win over millennials in 2015

first_imgRemember Occupy Wall Street? Seems so long ago, but it’s only been four years since the “Millennial Movement” took place. And since then, the echo boomer generation has been flocking to credit unions to avoid the big banks. Just this past summer, credit unions reached and passed the 100-million member mark — largely in thanks to young people.While CUs are expected to grow by 2 to 3 percent each year through the next decade, they are projected to hold less than 30 percent of the financial industry market by 2025. Yet how much of that percentage will be made up of what may be the biggest generation ever?Studies have shown that over 80 percent of millennial credit union members are in love with their customer experience, and almost all of them are satisfied overall with their CU. With almost 40 percent willing to recommend, why then do over 70 percent of people between 18 and 34 still not know what a credit union is? This fact is especially confusing given that millennials are way more likely to choose a brand based on recommendations from friends and family.We know that in order to continue to woo millennials, our jaded view on this generation has got to go. They aren’t the selfie-obsessed overgrown teenagers that we’ve labeled them as — at least not all of them. They’re growing up, and their wants and cares are changing. Pew’s research showed the top four concerns among the older half of the generation are being a good parent, having a successful marriage, helping others and owning a home. The key to all of those is financial security. continue reading » 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

NZ’s ‘shocking’ child abuse record

first_imgNZ Herald 9 Dec 2011Since the (Kahui) twins died in 2006, at least 95,200 children have been abused, according to Child Youth and Family. Of those children, 761 were either admitted to or seen by doctors at Starship hospital and deemed to have non-accidental injuries resulting from physical abuse. This year alone, 166 children have been placed on the “abused” list by Starship staff, already beating last year’s total of 157. CYF’s child abuse figures are also trending upwards. Notifications of suspected abuse or concerns about children have more than doubled in five years, to 150,747 alerts this year; substantiated reports are up 36 per cent to 22,087 cases. Any way you look at the issue, the numbers only go one way. Up.But those in charge of the care and protection of our children at the highest level are pleased with the results. It may seem strange to hear child advocates at a national level saying a rise in abuse numbers is “great”. But they believe the spike in abuse numbers shows a society less willing to put up with its little ones being hurt and more inclined to report what they see, rather than an increase in the number actually being abused. “The way I interpret this is that the numbers are good news,” said Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills. “There aren’t more children [being abused], there’s better detection. I think that’s a good thing. Early detection means earlier intervention. It’s all good. These numbers reflect better practice and greater awareness.” But Dr Patrick Kelly, clinical director of the child abuse centre at Starship has a different view. “It’s not getting better. I don’t think generally in New Zealand child abuse is getting worse – but we’re not getting on top of the problem. It’s become worse in the sense that we see more head trauma in infants. Many have very serious brain injuries from being shaken or slammed or punched in the head. Fifteen years ago we might have seen two or three of those kids a year, now we see one a month.Anthea Simcock from child protection advocacy group Child Matters says the figures only show part of New Zealand’s abuse story. “It is the tip of the iceberg. For every child who dies there’s probably a couple of hundred who are severely abused and probably 3000 who are suffering ongoing abuse. “The iceberg is quite significant,” she said. “My other concern for those other children who never come to the attention of the authorities is that those people are at risk of not using their potential, of not contributing to our society and in fact of still coping coping with residual problems from their abuse that result in use of alcohol, living in violent situations, not performing well educationally – and they themselves have no strong healthy models of parenting to follow. It makes it very difficult to break the cycle.” Mrs Simcock said she was “delighted” the figures had gone up, also believing it meant more abuse reporting and awareness. violence in city soarsManawatu Standard 10/12/2011Domestic violence in Palmerston North has surged 41 per cent, with police alarmed at the “scary” spike in strangulations. There were 2107 reports of domestic violence in the city between January and November this year, compared with 1487 during the same period last year. read more

Lady Cards Split With Lady Indians

first_imgThe St. Louis Lady Cardinals traveled to Milan and brought home a split outcome.  Two very good games.The 7th Grade had a final score of 21-15.  We ended the half 11-10.  This was our first game of trying a press out and they did a great job with it.  Overall they had a great game by all and looked as one out there on the court.  Scoring for SLS were Ella Smith with 8pts, Megan Bauer with 5pts, and Alys Cochran with 2pts.  Nice job ladies. The 8th Grade Lady Cards brought home the win with a final score of 38-16.  We had an amazing game with our press also.  The girls hustled the whole game which lead to the reward of a W.  Scoring for SLS were Ava Allen with 14pts, Emma Weberding with 10pts, Lilly Wonnell with 7pts, Kate Voegele with 3pts, and both Olivia Raab and Alyssa Wanstrath with 2pts each.  All the girls contributed to the points tonight so offensively we were on point too.  Nice job ladies.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Erin Trenkamp.last_img read more

NFL ace Umenyiora tasks stakeholders on poverty, education

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Nigeria born American NFL ace Osi Umenyiora believes it is time to get more practical in solving social problems.The Two-time Super Bowl winner says the NFL need to move on from ‘symbolic gestures’ and address social issues with ‘real resources and real funds’.The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May and the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin last month have been two high-profile cases of police brutality in America.But it has long been an issue in America – well before Colin Kaepernick took the knee before a San Francisco 49ers pre-season game in 2016.The ostracised former quarterback has been without a team since the end of that season, and while many players will follow his lead this season, Umenyiora wants players to find other ways to enact social change.‘I think that it is time for more substantive action to be taken as opposed to just taking the knee. Everybody is doing that, it’s becoming mainstream,’ Umenyiora said.Nigeria born American NFL ace Osi Umenyiora‘It’s the popular thing to do. To say black lives matter, to take a knee, post a black square. But what are you doing outside of that?’‘For me I feel like it’s time for players to be getting involved and actually doing things other than protesting. At this point everybody knows what you are talking about, so what are you protesting right now?‘We need to find a way to get the heart of a lot of these issues: the poverty, the lack of education, a lot of these different things that can really make a difference in people’s lives and the way they interact with each other‘I think it’s time for us to get doing that by committing real resources and real funds to that as opposed to just making symbolic gestures.’ After six months of unexpected and profound change, the two-time Super Bowl winner is not predicting a revolution in the NFL on the field.Read AlsoEx-NFL wide-receiver Reche Caldwell, 41, shot dead in ‘targeted robbery’‘It’s going to be the same old teams. You’re going to see a lot of the veteran teams in there, the teams that have a well-established head coach, the well-established franchises,’ he says.Teams have been forced to adapt to Covid protocols. They have not had a pre-season to scout talent and many will play without fans.center_img Promoted Content8 Addictive And Fun Coffee Facts5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks6 Incredibly Strange Facts About Hurricanes10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithWhat Is A Black Hole And Is It Dangerous For Us All?The Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreA Runner Uses Strava App To Create Amazing Pieces Of Running Art7 Thailand’s Most Exquisite Architectural Wonders10 Stargazing Locations To ‘Connect With Nature’Which Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?7 Truly Incredible Facts About Black Holes7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Betterlast_img read more

Lady Bulldog JV Spikers Win EIAC Title

first_imgIn the second match of the day, the Lady Dogs dropped Connersville in straight sets with scores of 25-14, 25-14. Gerstbauer earned 13 points in 17 attempts  and also dished out 21 assists. Westerfeld led offensively with 9 kills, while Naia Bustinza and Sophie Lee chipped in with 5 each. Belle Westerfeld added 3 kills and a block. Schaefer was the leader on defense with 11 serve receives and 5 digs.   Greensburg was the next opponent in pool play and the Lady Dogs were up to the challenge once again winning 25-21, 25-17. Schaefer and Kaitlyn Sarringhaus paced the team with 8 perfect serves scoring 6 and 5 points respectively. Bustinza, Lee, and S. Westerfeld continued their aggressive net play with 4 kills each. Bustinza shored up the defense with an impressive 16 digs.  The team defeated South Dearborn 25-8, 25-18 in the opening match. Regina Gerstbauer hit 17 of 18 serves including 5 aces and added 10 assists from her setting position. Sydnee Schaefer connected on 10 of 11 serves earning 9 points including 6 aces and contributed 9 digs defensively. Shelby Westerfeld led the front row attack with 5 kills.  The Batesville JV Volleyball Team ended their season with a bang rattling off 9 consecutive wins including 4 on Saturday to capture the EIAC Championship trophy at Greensburg High School.  The 3 wins in pool play led them to the championship game in a rematch with the Lawrenceburg Lady Tigers. The team came out on top once again with scores of 25-16, 28-26. In the second set, the Lady Dogs never allowed the Lady Tigers to reach a match point and held on for the 2 set victory to claim the title. Sarringhaus scored 8 points including an ace in 12 attempts, while Schaefer added 6 points in 10 tries. S. Westerfeld and Sophie Lee were the top spikers earning 7 and 6 kills at the net. Lee put down the game winner. Bustinza was outstanding in the back row with 15 serve receives and 21 digs to help secure the win. The team’s record was 20-7 overall and included Hauser, Ripley County Tourney, and EIAC tourney championship titles. Way to go, ladies! I am so proud of all of you!Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Shelly Prickel.last_img read more

Franklin County COVID-19 Task Force Transitions to Economic Recovery

first_imgBrookville, IN—The Franklin County COVID-19 Task Force announced today the transition to long-term economic recovery for the county. “COVID-19 has definitely not gone away,” said Franklin County Health Department supervisor Angie Ruther, RN. “It is still crucial to take preventative measures such as washing hands, sanitizing commonly touched surfaces, and practicing social distances,” Ruther continued.“As Indiana progresses through its ‘Back on Track’ stages, we want to turn our focus towards long-term economic recovery,” stated Franklin County E.M.A. Director Amy Lindsey. “Unless or until there is a vaccine, we are still going to have cases of coronavirus. Please, continue to take self-preventative measures. With that said, we want to help facilitate resources to those impacted financially due to the earlier restrictions,” continued Director Lindsey.Director Lindsey has been working with local groups such as United Way of Franklin County, Economic Development, the Community Foundation, and local business leaders to develop safety plans for businesses, as well as identifying resources for financial assistance. “We will continue to monitor the latest information regarding coronavirus, and if needed, we can reactivate the task force,” stated Director Lindsey.last_img read more

Ese Brume, Anuoluwapo win 2019 Nigerian Sports Award

first_imgRelatedPosts Minister gives condition for resumption of contact sports Minister pledges support for development of AI, robotics in Nigeria NSF 2020: Sports minister raises fresh hope It was a glorious and celebratory night for the duo of Africa badminton champion, Opeyori Anuoluwapo, and fast rising sprint sensation, Ese Brume, as they won big at the 8th edition of Nigerian Sports Award, even as the Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Sunday Dare, has assured the organizer of the award of the Ministry’s readiness to partner with it to make subsequent editions of the award more glamorous and successful. Dare gave the remarks at the award ceremony held at the weekend at Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos. The Minister, who expressed delight at the rising profile of the award, noted that he is quite impressed with the organizer for sustaining the platform created to celebrate sport men and women till date. According to him, the award has significantly impacted the sports community having rewarded outstanding Nigerian athletes and offered needed motivation for youths to discover their talents and direct their passion towards sports. At the award ceremony, Anuoluwapo carted home with coveted crowns in two different categories of the award beating other strong contenders to become the 2019 Rackets Person of the Year and Sportsman of the Year, while Brume got rewarded with her sterling performance for the year by emerging both as Athletics star of the Year as well as Sportswoman of the Year categories. Former Super Eagles striker, Odion Ighalo, emerged footballer of the year, beating off competition from Super Eagles teammate, Samuel Chukwueze, and Super Falcons captain, Asisat Oshoala. D’Tigress captain, Evelyn Akhator, maintained her winning streak as she once again picked up the Basketball Person of the Year award category, beating the duo of Ezinne Kalu and Josh Okogie, while D’Tigress were rewarded with the award of the Team of the Year category following their superlative performance at AfroBasketball Championship and its subsequent qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic. While Emmanuel Appah and Bose Omolayo won the Individual Sports Award of the Year and Para Sport Person of the Year respectively, Farouk Yusuf went home with the Team Sports Person of the Year. Coach of the Under 19 Handball Team, Christopher Nwadei, and Sam Ocheho were both rewarded for their stewardship in sports by winning the sports administrator of the year and Coach of the Year respectively. Folashade Lawal picked up the discovery of the year award, while Odunayo Adekuruoye retained the title by emerging wrestler of the year for the second year running.Tags: Sunday Darelast_img read more

Keane linked to Villa role

first_imgRoy Keane has held talks over becoming Paul Lambert’s assistant at Aston Villa, Press Association Sport understands. Keane held an informal meeting with Lambert last month with a view to replacing Ian Culverhouse, who was dismissed by the club following an internal investigation. It is understood Lambert would be happy for Keane to continue in his role as number two to Republic of Ireland boss Martin O’Neill if he were to take the Villa role. Press Associationcenter_img Keane is due to link back up with the Ireland squad in Dublin late on Tuesday before flying out on Wednesday for their two-game tour of the United States. Earlier this week, Keane indicated he did not wish to be considered as a potential replacement for Neil Lennon at Celtic. A source close to the club told Press Association Sport Keane had “asked not to be considered for the position”. Lambert is keen to get a permanent assistant on board as he rebuilds following Villa’s disappointing 15th-placed finish last season. The Villa job would offer Keane a route back into domestic management for the first time since he left Ipswich in January 2011. Meanwhile, ITV has confirmed that Keane has pulled out of his expected role as a World Cup pundit in order to concentrate on his coaching career. Keane was officially unveiled in the ITV line-up last month but subsequently had a change of heart. An ITV spokesman told the Press Association: “Roy has been a tremendous part of our pundit team in recent years, but we fully understand his decision to concentrate wholly on his coaching. “We wish him every success for the future.” last_img read more